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LFS Undergraduate COVID-19 Updates

Hello LFS!

We are facing what will likely be one of our generation’s most significant challenges, and there is uncertainty for all of us as this situation evolves. As LFS students, you know that in order to solve complex issues it takes time, as well as the collective efforts of all of us to find solutions, and support each other to get through this as a community.

On behalf of the Faculty, we want to reassure you that we are making decisions on a daily basis in collaboration with and under the direction of our campus colleagues. We know you’re anxious to get answers quickly, and appreciate your patience and understanding as some of these decisions require time to review and implement. The team in LFS Student Services is committed to supporting you to close out this term while meeting your academic goals as best we can.

Information is changing rapidly, so we encourage you to monitor these official channels of communication:

  • Emails directly from UBC
  • UBC Messaging
  • LFS Website
  • HERE – we will be using this space to communicate timely and important information for all you

Thank you for your patience as we continue to modify our services and implement these changes during this extraordinary situation. We hope that you and the people you love stay safe and healthy.


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Answers to Your FAQs


You’ve got questions, we’ve got some answers!

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from you by email. We will continue to add to this list as new questions come forward, and will be updating the responses as new decisions are confirmed. Every time we add new content to this page, we will update the date below, so check back frequently as things are changing quickly!

Thanks LFS for your continued patience and understanding as we help you navigate this difficult time.

Last updated: July 22, 2020


Questions about the 2020 Summer Session

Summer courses are not included in the assessment of academic standing (good academic standing, academic probation or failed year); we do not include them when processing your annual sessional evaluation each May. Only those courses taken within the Winter Academic Session (September to April of each year) are included in the assessment of your academic standing.

What you do in summer does contribute to your overall GPA and can count towards degree progression and year promotion for the upcoming sessional evaluation (in this case, your 2020 Summer courses will count towards the assessment of your year level when we do your 2020W sessional evaluation in May 2021). However, your grades from the Summer Session do not impact your academic standing assessment.

Additional details can also be found on our website, here.

No. The Academic Concessions offered to students impacted by COVID-19 in Term 2 of the 2019 Winter Session was an exception to the rules normally in place for Academic Concession and the use of Cr/D/Fail. Effective May 11, 2020 (the start of the 2020 Summer Session) the policies, as outlined in the UBC Academic Calendar, will be reinstated. As such, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information before returning to classes so you know what options will be available to you for any future requests


Questions about the 2020 Winter Session

In late May, both new and continuing LFS students received an email from Zhaoming Xu, Associate Dean, Academic, confirming that all classes taught in the Faculty of Land & Food Systems will be hosted online for Term 1 of the 2020 Winter Session (September – December 2020). The Faculty looked at many factors in determining the best delivery of courses and in weighing whether to go online versus in-person – your safety and wellbeing, adhering to physical distancing, direction from the Provincial Health Officer and other public health agencies, optimizing learning for both local and remote students, among others.

We want to assure you that you will have access to the full suite of courses so you can continue progressing in your degree program. With this online delivery, you will not have to be in Vancouver to continue your studies.

For Term 2 (January – April 2021), we are waiting for direction about whether to move online. For the time being, please continue to register for both terms, and we will notify you of any changes expected for Term 2 as soon as possible.

Most classes across Faculties will be taught online in term one. It is highly unlikely that any classes will be taught in-person.

The main activity for your course, normally the "lecture" will show as "web-oriented" to indicate that it is being taught online. If your course has additional activities, such as Tutorials, Labs or Discussions, they will not be listed as "web-oriented" in order to distinguish each component of the class from one another. However, if your main activity is "web-oriented," all corresponding activities are also online. You will note that there are no room locations for any activities listed.

If you are interested in registering in courses that have a conflict, you need permission from both instructors to take the classes. You need to have them e-sign the official 'UBC Conflict Registration Form' and then submit the signed document to LFS Student Services at students@landfood.ubc.ca with the words "Conflict Registration Form" in the subject heading of your email. The form can be found here course_conflict_registration_form_UBC.

Welcome to LFS! We're excited to connect with you. We have some great online content for you, including LFS ROOTSS, an online program to help welcome you to the Faculty and provide helpful information and opportunities for engagement all summer long. There is also a summer Academic Essentials program for those of you who wish to brush up on your high school learning before school starts. Learn more about LFS ROOTSS, Academic Essentials, and the upcoming orientation programming available for you here.

As you will see from the SSC, web-oriented courses have scheduled teaching days, where Distance Education courses do not. Students in web-oriented courses should anticipate that the instructor may host live lectures, or scheduled virtual meeting times during the class time listed on the SSC. This is called synchronous learning - where learning is happening at set times.

Distance Education courses use asynchronous modalities - where you can do the learning expected on your own schedule, being mindful of set deadlines.

If you have questions about how a specific course is being designed, please reach out to the instructor of that course directly.

Due to COVID-19, the Chemistry and Physics Departments updated their course codes and delivery methods for teaching this year, so you will see some changes to course codes at the first-year level. We strongly encourage you to review the information each Department has posted online.

The new course codes will be accepted in place of their equivalents from before COVID-19. However, if you have any questions, you're welcome to contact LFS Student Services.


Additional Resources

UBC Health & Wellbeing is a coordinated spot to find resources for managing your mental and physical health during the COVID-19 outbreak. Resources include an expanded list of services, guidance for you and others, as well as informative articles.

UBC Wellness Centre has moved their services online! Access up-to-date health education and information, learn more about health-related resources available both on and off campus, access tips and strategies for your wellbeing as a student, and hear from your peers.

EmpowerMe is a free 24/7 multilingual mental health support service that connects students with counsellors and life coaches for mental health, social, financial, and nutritional needs.

Campus Lightbox is a student’s guide to UBC’s mental health resources ranging from peer support to professional help.

Yes! We know that learning online is new for a lot of you and hope you find some of the resources at Keep Learning UBC helpful. From online learning tips, to setting up your technology, to self-care resources, this website has a lot of great information to help set you up for success.

UBC International Student Advising has gathered many of the questions international students like you are wondering about in relation to immigration and health insurance on their website, so please take a look. There may be changes to your ability to work in Canada, travel to Vancouver, or apply for required immigration documents depending on your circumstances and the emerging information about COVID-19. Information is being updated regularly as new details are announced, so please bookmark this page if the content is relevant for you.


Contact LFS Student Services

If, after reading through this information, you still have questions, you are welcome to contact an Academic Advisor in LFS Student Services. We thank you in advance for your patience as our volumes are higher than normal under these extraordinary circumstances.


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